change seems to be a hot topic of mine. it seems to be ever revolving around me.

a new challenge will hopefully result in growth and happiness... what doesn't brake you makes you stronger right?

i'm opening my umbrella, we will see where the wind takes me, hoping to float into a new adventure and make the best of it.


no words necessary

Down the Rabbit Hole

The exhibit Friday was wonderful. There were a couple sales by the end of the night, one being that of a child, which made the excitement all the more sweet. I'm including a picture of myself and my piece in the show titled "Tangled Wonders." To say I love this piece would be an understatement. It was a packed house, the body heat was overwhelming at one point, so Ty and I snuck out the back door for a breather.
Alice in Wonderland is my favorite childhood story. I grew up on the Disney version and spent many hours as a kid drawing the characters. The story is full of wonders, excitement and true feelings. The way Alice reacts to each peculiar event and character is raw and real.

I received many compliments on the style, as it's not my usual look, of the painting and my head dress. Thank you to all who came to enjoy the night.
picture taken by Carlin C.J. Jones.