why do people go out of their way to help those who don't want it?

to try to compensate for past failed relationships? unwilling to face the fact that you can't make something better with some one who has passed through someone else. same demons... same frustrations... same unwillingness to want help.

their actions are admirable yet wasted.




c & a

c and a...
i spent a few hours tonight with an old friend of mine. A and i parted ways after high-school. lost contact.
we met in the 5th grade and really became good friends in Jr. high. after the normal Jr high-high school female drama, friends one moment and not so friendly the next, i had my oldest daughter in high-school and we drifted apart. we never really had closure to the friendship though. we never forgot about the things we had gone through together. that part of a girls life is so important, so vital to a girls future...
A was married about 10 years ago and moved away from bakersfield (lucky girl)... she is now a proud mother of three, two of which are autistic. i've never met a more strong mother and wife. her husband is a trucker and is often away from home. A has grown more than anyone i know. her patience is immeasurable, her grace evident, her heart big and all despite a severe health condition.
we met for the first time again a month or so ago, again a couple weeks ago and were able to watch our children interact the way we did so many years ago. again tonight as she is leaving town tomorrow for her long drive home to OK. we sat and enjoyed old stories and new, i met her husband and third child trucker, the hours slipped by and before we knew midst the mid-night air it was time to retire for the night and until we meet again.
her health concerns me. i'm happy we were able to spend this time together. i'm proud of her life and courage. tonight i gave her the painting above. she fell in love with it at my art exhibit last month. i enjoy the thought that she will have this in her home to look at and remember our friendship and easier times, carefree laughter between friends... take care of you A. i love you.