Opening Doors to the Arts

At First Friday in March many artists created art works out of the old doors pulled from remodel projects on the Bakersfield downtown buildings including the Hay Building and the Padre Hotel among others.

Here is a picture of the door I created, which was one of the five doors that sold!

relay for life

on May 1st at the Artisan Faire fellow artist Micky Piercy and I created a collaboration piece, which was donated to the Bakersfield Relay for Life at the end of the day with 10% of the days proceeds from Caffeine Supreme. The Bakersfield Relay for Life is the largest in the nation and as of today has raised $1,773,711.89!!!


i've decided to resign from the board of Bakersfield Emerging Contemporary Artists and refocus my efforts.

my plans include more time with my family and working on more art pieces.

i'm kicking around an exhibit idea called "se7en". this can go many ways but my plan for now is to create one piece a week for a period of time, without interruption.

another exhibit idea for some time next year will be a collaborative effort between a photographer and myself.

to bigger and better things! cheers!