we lost a member of our workplace family this week. it has been rough to say the least.

realizing life is short, it doesn't matter how you portray yourself, how much money you have, or how shiny of a car you drive. you can have it all, hide yourself behind a handsome smile or the perfect family portrait, true friends rarely know everything nor will they ever.

live life to it's fullest. be true to yourself. always tell people you care, never walk away from someone you care about wondering... "i wonder what's wrong with him" or "she seems sad today" or "i wonder how i can help." do it! ask! do what you can because you may not have a another chance. you may never have the opportunity to speak your mind.

lives are turned upside down in an instant, the strong press on, pick up the pieces, the caretakers.. others are quiet and hurting yet feel it selfish to cry, selfish to say "I'm not okay." others even closer that obviously hurt more, need more, will hurt longer, deeper.

it's all painful no matter how you look at it. the lost no longer has a voice, can no longer take his boys skiing, the family hurting left to wonder why and also how to move on, the outsiders looking in confused and shocked. how could a larger than life, successful, strong (not only mentally but physically) have lost the game of life? how could he be taken so young? and the rest of them, the outsiders on the outside, the ones that worry needlessly, the ones that spread words not their own, the ones that will forget first.

the above painting was done for a work fundraiser raffle by me. it went all day without any silent bidders, until the last hour of the day. he purchased the painting, he had it framed and it was displayed in his office until now. next week it will be taken down and delivered with the rest of his personal belongings to his family. with his boy's soccer placks, the framed drawings on his desk, the proud family portrait hung at the highest point of the wall. he said the painting gave him a peaceful feeling.

i hope now glenn that you are at peace, know that your loved ones will be cared for. know that your legacy will live on in your boys. we miss your laugh, your presence, your classy smile.




new ventures

some say change is scary. i agree. only because of the uncertainty of the --what now? that comes afterwards.

change... a better job or promotion is great but will you like it afterward?

when you look forward to something you build it up pretty high. you obsess about how you will feel later. you make wishes and have hopes.

when making new friends or rekindling with old -- will it be the same? you can only hope so! try to avoid the bad stuff.

move forward, be selfish, be honest, be true to yourself. as Oscar Wilde once said, "be yourself. everyone else is taken." that is the only way that you will be okay no matter what the result. you always have yourself. you know how to make yourself happy, but remember you have to look yourself in the face every morning.



home again...

my cousin mark flew home from Iraq yesterday. it was a happy time at the airport with family and friends. he then went "home" for a well deserved hot shower and the family came to my house for dinner and to watch the fight.

mark is a very intelligent individual. in listening to him talk about his experiences overseas, and his opinions on people and the government over there i studied his demeanor and words.

i'm very proud of my cousin and his courage and determination, his self control and sense of responsibility. thank you mark for defending our country, thank you for using your intelligence to it's fullest, thank you for your long hot nights in the sand and your strength to live in such horrible conditions.

love you --- c


too cool for school...
photographs by christina sweet : sweet designs

tonight my sister caity removed her necklace and tossed it on the stone pool deck. instant contrast and beauty caught my eye.
photograph by christina sweet : sweet designs

beautiful images...
photographs by christina sweet : sweet designs


happy birthday jj!!!

today is my sister jj's 29th birthday. next year is the big one!! i'll start planning the party now!!

Caity turns 13...

my little sister turned 13 this week... here are a few sweet pics from her party tonight. happy birthday c...! love you -- big c


Another sold...


"be yourself. everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

on 7.3.09 i had my first exclusive art exhibit. the art and photography of christina sweet : sweet designs. the night was full of friends, laughs, and art. i want to take the time to thank all my special peeps.

first ty for his help in transporting not only the art but the decorations, food, and drinks down the basement and back up Sunday afternoon.

thanks to deon, the gallery owner for his encouragement and long hours installing the work and displaying my posters and fliers, to his mom for manning the front door.

thanks to jen raven and nyoka for helping me with sales. i've received many fond comments in regard to your professionalism and style. thank you to todd for taking the bio pictures and candid shots at the event.

thanks to shelby for helping with the raffle sales, to two of my favorite family members for traveling all the way from the coast to 'be there' for me. thank you nana doe for bringing the beach family painting for display and thank you aunt k for your support.

thank you to mitchell for the use of his PA and to Song Bird for performing. your voice is flawless and beautiful. i hope to say "i knew you when" some day.

thank you Piper, Pam and Addy for coming. sorry for the uncontrollable emotion. that was a WONDERFUL surprise. Chad was there with us and i'm glad we were all together once again.
and last but not least thank you to all who came to see, to purchase, to visit and show their support. i appreciate that most of all. :)

much love--


david vs. goliath

sometimes i wonder why family is so trying at times...

i wonder how people grow up together and never really know each other or don't care enough to try. as if they grew up on separate continents. how do people let money run their lives? how do they let the value of dirty paper outweigh family value?

people may have deep feelings or love for the other but have a funny way of showing it. has every worldly possession ever needed, beautiful family, usually teach the same values in their own, strongly motivated by green.

others live life heart and family first, share their talents such as a green thumb worked raw and sunburned... simple life... simple pleasures... economic strains, near financial ruin, barely making ends meet at times, but HARD working, determined to provide for their young families and instill determination and a sense of self worth in their children. middle aged and still working long hours (when work is available...) in the sun, to make the monthly payments, ball of stress and hardly noticed. one day takes a big leap of faith! advertises services out, a trade with less competition than before.

a relationship falls apart, family ties too tight, leap of faith undercut--betrayal... help taken and left with no resolve, once again to pick up and start over. fight for the relationships recently formed without recourse or reaction.

worry that ends won't meet
deep emotional pain that will never be mended... nor addressed

i'm sad... hurt... disassociated and disappointed...
not knowing what to do with my thoughts or my feelings.

i'm just sad...

i haven't sewn in a long time. this is just a cute photo and quick note to show my owl ornaments from christmas 2008. each piece a new and original piece. different, materials, buttons and jewels. one of my many favorite things.

new friends, life changes

i have recently become more involved in my passion for the arts. with evolution comes change, new feelings, new experiences. i'm approaching this 'change' with open arms and careful to nurture it correctly from the start.

making friends at my age is so different than it was in school. you are much more careful, study the atmosphere, keeping your reputation safe and emotions healthy.

i was asked to join BECA and possibly hold a chair on the board of BTW (burn the witch). i'm looking forward to it and building strong and healthy friendships with the ladies involved. N, Corky and Raven are very creative - strong women whom i respect. i think the feeling is mutual and on that i expect great results and mutual support that i long for in this crazy art world. ;0.)

to us ladies and our collaborative future work!




happy 4th of july!

bush of lights...

grande finale

four muskateers

i love so many aspects of this picture
photographs by christina sweet . sweet designs

you'll never guess what this is.. :0.) i love finding odd subjects to photograph. it makes the work original, one of a kind and rare... unlikely to be captured in the same light again. i like the eye to be left confused or questioning..

photograph by christina sweet . sweet designs