Latest Mural

Latest mural for exhibit, Dine In Take Out.

Making Things Right

I agreed to repaint the stolen Heart for the local Cardiology group and was asked to do another for a different physician group here in town. Thank you to Amy Smith of San Joaquin Hospital for the opportunity!

Dine In Take Out, artwork of Jen Raven

Somebody, by Jen Raven
I was Curator of The Foundry's latest solo-exhibit 'Dine In Take Out', artwork by Jen Raven. Jen's line of work is not only touching, but expresses the different feelings most artists experience; pain, lonliness and love. It gives spirit a voice and leaves the words up to the interpretation of the beholder. The above image, "Somebody" was a favorite for many. Walking around the gallery (sales clipboard in hand) I witnessed a handful of people incaptured by this image.
Jen's opening was the first week of January. Every detail from the title wall mural, the custom take out box installation titled "Empty Calories," by Justin Jennings, handmade fortune cookies holding Jen's witty quotes, sushi inspired desserts by A.J. Darke of Karma Cakes, candle light and paper lanterns was in place. There was a great response to the show! An encore reception was in order!
'Dine In Take Out - Take Two' was born! Another round of treats, more twinkling candle light and promoting we all met at The Foundry on 1/22/11... A few more familiar faces were in attendance, eight more sales, and a smile from ear to ear on Jen's face!
Jen has spent the last upteen years catering to the growth of others. She has curated not only for the visual arts but the performing arts alike. Jen is a painter, a seamstress, a thespian, a dancer, a writer, a poet, and a performer! It was magical to see everyone attend to show their support from the many different genres of the art community.
From the promoting and visuals shared of Jen's works from 'Dine In Take Out' another gallery called Bunny Gunner, down South has excepted her small works series "A Little Lonely." Here's to you Jen Raven from the Bakersfield art scene. Thank you for your involvement and encouragement and kudos on your first solo exhibit and its success. Onward and Upward!