Stolen Artwork = 15 minutes of fame?

Well the unthinkable has happened!
I was invited by The Arts Council of Kern (ACK) to participate in a group exhibit of the best kind! The art was to be displayed at a Gala at San Joaquin Hospital. Our subject? A aluminum heart. We were to paint what we wanted and come up with an appropriate title to tie in with the hospital and heart shape. It took me a lot of time to come up with my subject.
When I think hearts I think Valentines, kids, red, pink, white, love... it went on and on in circles in my mind for months. Finally I realized what to do. "Young at Heart". My inspiration came from a string of paper dolls my daughters made at school holding hands. I had used this design in the past for my pieces titled "My Three" to symbolize my three daughters.
Using my template I carefully lined out the sizes to fit the heart shape perfectly, painted, sealed, titled and delivered my heart back ACK. The hearts were viewed by a select list of physicians in town who sponsored the event. The sponsors were allowed to pick a heart to keep for their participation in the event. All hearts were on display during the galla as well, some up for silent auction as a fundraiser.
A few of the hearts were also selected to paint larger versions to be installed permanently at various locations in Bakersfield. My friend Gabe Aceves was one of the large installation artists. His heart was amazing. Each of the four sections of the heart was painted as a different fruit core. Amazing idea!
The event was beautiful from the pictures I viewed online. In follow up for my Vitae, I contacted ACK to see if my heart was sold at auction. To my surprise I was told there was an "problem" with my heart. The good part? My heart was chosen by Comprehensive Cardiovascular Medical Group as their heart to keep. This made me SO proud. Bad news was at the gala event although my heart was spoken for, someone walked away with it... MY ART WAS STOLEN? Does this make me famous? Ha! Love it!
All will end well. ACK has ordered another heart and I have agreed to repaint it for CCMG and will deliver it once complete.

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  1. Your heart has been stolen? Don't tell your husband!
    At least you know whoever did it liked your artwork.